Medical Devices and Surgical Products

Medical Devices and Surgical Products


A device used to enter tight spaces, e.g., obstructed valves or channels, within the body, or to assist in inserting, positioning, and moving a catheter. Guidewires vary in size, length, stiffness, composition, and shape of the tip.

Our guidewire meets all the applicable requirements set forth in the essential requirement and does not cause any harm, thereby fulfilling the protection of health and safety issues of the end user, apart from serving the intended purpose.

Our devices specially guidewire are designed and manufactured in such a way as to ensure the characteristics and performance. Particular attention is paid to,

  • the choice of materials used, particularly as regards toxicity and, where appropriate, flammability,
  • the compatibility between the materials used and biological tissues, cells, and body fluids taking account of the intended purpose of the device.
  • the choice of materials used, reflecting, where appropriate, matters such as hardness, wear and fatigue strength

Gaining access and navigating tortuous urinary track are the primary functions of ureteral guidewires. Our Nitinol guidewire is designed to optimize both functions. Made of a Nitinol core wire it has a hydrophilic coating to aid in insertion and passage of instrumentation. It is available in various wire sizes, tip designs, and shaft configurations. It comes individually packaged, sterile and for single use.


The angiographic catheter is a plastic tube which functions as a conduit for contrast, fluids, and pressure measurement during cardiac catheterization of coronary arteries and the left ventricle. From the traditional look, feel and performance of the LIFER Angiographic catheters to the advanced construction and material in the LIFER Angiographic Diagnostic catheters, Sterile World Technology’s angiographic catheters are designed for optimal performance.


Guiding catheters are made up of three layers, i.e., an inner polytetrafluoroethylene layer that is slippery, a middle stainless steel braided layer, and an outer soft nylon elastomer jacket. The stainless steel layer stiffens the catheter to provide support for passage of the device, but makes the guide more difficult to engage than a diagnostic catheter. The outer coating provides flexibility and support to the catheter, while the middle layer gives strength, making it kink-resistant, and allows easy torqueing of the catheter. The inner layer has a lubricious coating and facilitates easy passage of the PCI hardware.


Lifer Silicone/ Latex Foley Catheter for single use is a thin. sterile tube inserted into bladder to drain urine. Because it can be left in place in the bladder for a period of time, it is held in place with a balloon at the end, which is filled with sterile water to hold it in place. The urine drains into a bag and can then be taken from an outlet device to be drained.


Disposable hemodialysis catheter kit is intended for intervention in the blood vessels by percutaneous punctuations to attain short-term (less than 30 day) access for hemodialysis treatments.


Lifer Surgical staples are specialized staples used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds or connect or remove parts of the bowels or lungs. The use of staples over sutures reduces the local inflammatory response, width of the wound, and time it takes to close.

Lifer Surgical staplers are generally made of plastic and loaded with a disposable cartridge of surgical staples.

  • They can be inserted quickly.
  • They’re strong.
  • They are easily removed with a surgical staple remover.


Manifold is a hand controlled device used during the injection of contrast media during angiography procedure. Manifold is intended for connection between the devices, such like injection syringe, angiographic catheter, drip set to the bottle delivering contrast agent or saline flush, or pressure monitoring system, etc

Customer Benefits

Wide range

Wide variety of sizes available in each products as per the customers requirement.

Safe for surgery timing

No curling on opening = no loss of time due to “contamination at opening" suspicions.