Other Products

Other Products

Sterile World Technologies also provides some other products in crepe paper sheets as well as SMMS SMS Sheets.


Instrument Tip Protectors

Our Instrument Tip Protectors are specially designed sleeves that offers simple, threefold protection during sterilization: The protective film covers sharp-edged instruments and so prevents damage to sterile packaging as well as injury to users. The sturdy design also offers perfect protection for easily damaged and delicate instruments. The sleeves work with any type of instrument, such as scissors, tweezers, needles or cannulated instruments.

The protectors are suitable for Sterile World Technologies’ heat-sealable and self-seal bags made of paper/plastic as per EN 868-5 and paper bags as per EN 868-4*. They can be used with steam, formaldehyde and ethylene oxide sterilization. Both products are made of a permeable material, which allows through sterilization. Made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

  • Available in size- 5 cm x 12.5 cm (2 x 5 inch)